RV Camping on the Little Sandy River
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Little Bear Island Campground
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RV Boondocking on the Little Sandy River, Greeenup, KY

RV Boondocking Tips

Looking for an awesome RV boondocking experience in Greenup, County, or Northeastern Kentucky? When you’re RV boondocking with us, here are few tips.

Isn’t RV boondocking supposed to be free? Sure you can find spots that offer free boondocking, but it’s hard to find for RV camping in our area. We offer $30 per night boondocking, with only a charge of $10 per night every night after that.  Also, this is private land, actually, an island nestled in the mountains.  Hard to find this boondocking or with hookups.  Add the quiet and safety, and it’s worth the mall price.  Besides we have a limitlessly extended stay.

Planning and planning are key to RV boondocking off the beaten track. This article will not cover this topic. Many informative articles and websites about RV boondocking are freely available online. They offer much specific information that you may be interested in. This information is meant to help you find the best RV boondocking spots.

RV boondocking is permitted anywhere on federal public land within a certain distance from any road. However, you are allowed to cut down trees and build new access ways into your RV camping site. It would help if you used campsites that have been used before or places that are not likely

RV Boondocking and Boondocking on the Little Sandy River, Greeenup, KY
RV Boondocking on the Little Sandy River, Greenup, KY

to be damaged by your RV. The US Forest Service has updated its dispersed camping rules and route. Each forest might have unique requirements, so make sure to verify locally. It is generally prohibited to camp within 300 feet of any water source. The USFS provides free maps called MVUM (Motor Vehicle Use Map), which show where camping is prohibited and which roads are available for travel.


After finding the perfect RV boondocking spot, hopefully, with Little Bear Island Campground, it is time to move in and enjoy your surroundings. Enjoyable boondocking is possible only by conserving your resources. To help preserve our RV camping resources for the future, you should follow the Leave No Trace Camping principles. Boondocking provides RVers with the best outdoor recreation options, but it is up to you to take care of the land. It would be a shame to find a boondocking spot littered with trash, human and pet waste all over the place. Your RV camping site should be left better than it was found.

These are some tips to help you increase your RV boondocking resources:

  • You can extend the battery charge when RV Boondocking by turning off your furnace/heater during the night and putting a blanket or two under your bed. When not in use, turn off lights. Reduce the use of television and other electrical appliances. The energy consumption of fluorescent lights is lower. An inverter and solar panels can make you completely free…electrically.
  • Generators can be used to extend RV boondocking trips, but you should limit their use to battery charging to avoid disturbing nearby campers.
  • You can extend your RV propane supply by turning off the water heater. Only use it when you need it. You can save propane by adding a blanket to your bed. Instead of turning up the heat, put on a jacket or sweater.
  • Water. You can’t have enough. If you have the opportunity, carry extra water containers. You can only take short, “military-style” showers. After wiping off any food with paper towels, wash dishes only once per day. Use a dishpan to wash dishes. Disposable dishes, cups, and eating utensils can be used. An electric transfer pump can move water easily from containers into the RV’s fresh tank. An old milk jug with water to flush your RV’s toilet is more efficient than using it.
  • When RV boondocking, dishwater can be thrown away as long as it is not in direct contact with water sources. Flys can cause problems if you keep them in one place. Some people flush their dishwater with it.
Little Bear Island Campground
Other Camping at Littlebear Island Campground

You can find RV boondocking sites on the Internet via RV forums and newsgroups. You can also inquire at local chambers of commerce and visitor centers. It’s a great way to meet other RVers, but many don’t want others to share their RV camping or boondocking spots. It can take some effort to find great RV camping or boondocking spots, but with some research, you will find what you want.

Have fun boondocking with us and check out our hiking suggestions for the area!