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Fishing on the Little Sandy River, Greeenup, KY

Fishing the Little Sandy River in Greenup

Fishing the Little Sandy River at Little Bear Island Campground bass are boss, but don’t stick your nose up at the catfish.

Are you new to Ashland, Greenup, KY area?   Maybe the Ironton, Ohio area?  Are you looking for some information about fishing the Little Sandy River?  Come stay with us at Little Bear Island Campground and we’ll put a smile on your face and connect you to some of the best fishing on the Little Sandy River. Amazing views and the best fishing.

Fishing on the Little Sandy River, Greenup, KY
Fishing on the Little Sandy River, Greenup, KY

Smallmouth bass fishing is best done in the early summer. Anglers who fish lakes, especially, may encounter smallmouth bass activity during three periods. This is because the water continues to warm towards summer temperatures. Flexibility and willingness to try new tactics are key to landing bronzebacks early in the summer. Here are a few tips to help you land a lunker during the summer months.

Fishing the Little Sandy River for Bass

As the water warms up, smallmouth move into shallows and flats to prepare for spawning. They seek out areas with gravel or sandy bottoms in three to fifteen feet of water to build their nests. The deeper areas are where larger smallmouth will nest and near or under structures like trees, branches, and fallen logs. Topwater baits are very effective in drawing smallmouth from nests that are flat or smallmouth-friendly. Fishing water deeper than 6 feet requires you to switch to a rattle or prop bait. You will need to reel in only a few inches per turn.


The lack of natural forage when fishing the Little Sandy River means that bronzebacks are not as hungry in the early summer. This is one reason why the bite is so great. They will chase anything that looks like their natural prey, which is minnows or crawdads. You’re more likely to succeed on the water if you use lures and soft baits that mimic the natural forage of the fish and present them with similar movements.


Smallmouth tend to feed more aggressively when the water temperatures rise in the summer. However, they will also move further offshore to structures and banks that are farther away. Anglers from the shore who want to catch the summer feeding frenzy early in the season should change their fishing times to the morning and evening. This is when the bass will move to warmer waters near the bottom, where they normally suspend during the day. These times are when topwater lures and shallow crankbaits can be especially effective.

Fish the 14 acres of the Little Sandy River surrounding Little Bear Island Campground.  After a weekend with us, you won’t go home empty-handed.  Kentucky residents get a 10% discount every day!